Better and better

We did three performances this week of "A Wedding in Transylvania." Each one keeps getting better than the one before. Tonight we had a stand-in for Frankie, and he did a fantastic job. Everyone was so into the show, and I can tell that people love to be a part of the action. We all (except tonight's stand-in for Frankie) have done the show several times now, and it has a flow that is exciting. On this coming Friday we start rehearsals for "A Christmas Carol," and that will be fun too, in an entirely different way, of course. And we have one more scheduled show for "Wedding," on November 11 in Rhinecliff. I will miss playing the Countess Elsa once we are done, but I'm looking forward to being a part of "Christmas Carol." Frank and Kristen Marquette are the brains behind all this, and I love working with both of them. They are very professional, and very supportive.

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