Busy days

We had our last dinner theater performance of "A Wedding In Transylvania," at least for the moment, this past Thursday at the Rhinecliff Hotel. It was as much fun as all the other presentations of this crazy play. Now we are in rehearsal for "A Christmas Carol," which we'll offer in December. That will be completely different, and will include lots of Christmas caroling, which we are also rehearsing. Four of us are carolers. Kristen Marquette has made period costumes for all of us, and she is amazing. She and Frank Marquette run the company which puts these shows on. They have written all the shows, and have been doing this for many years, most of those years in Las Vegas. I'm glad they came to the Hudson Valley so that I can be a part of their shows !

I am also getting ready to go to Phoenix for the Divine Cosmos Convergence Conference next weekend in Tempe. Our conferences are always wonderful and inspiring, as my son David Wilcock brings his fascinating research and unique perspective to everyone. For this one conference, he will be sharing time with William Henry, so it will be much different from our other conferences .On Saturday I will present my one-hour talk, "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician." And David, Larry and I will perform music from "Wanderer Awakening," the music that David and Larry co-wrote.

There are a lot of things I need to get done before I leave for Tempe, including two more rehearsals for "Christmas Carol," stringing name badges for the conference, teaching my students at home and at the College of St. Rose, going over the music for "Wanderer Awakening," packing, memorizing lines, and on and on - but it's all good. I would rather be too busy than have nothing to do !!!

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