Computer troubles !

 I love technology when it works right, but when it doesn't, it can get me down. I had been having some weird things happen with my laptop before I went to the Miami Convergence, and when I got home, I backed it up (I thought) and took it to my son Michael Wilcock, who is a terrific Mac repair person and works at a nearby Mac repair store. After much testing, he finally determined that my hard drive was bad. Several days later, the new hard drive arrived and he installed it. But the Western Digital external hard drive that I had used to back up my computer had only backed up some of the information, not all of it. So I have my computer back - sort of - at least enough to write this new blog.

And tomorrow I will be off to Austin again to write more music with Larry Seyer. Then next Thursday we will both drive up to Dallas for the next Convergence Conference for Divine Cosmos. So it has been kind of a crazy time. Being without my computer was strange, and if it weren't for my iPhone, I really would have been stuck. The good thing is that I had to learn even more about using my phone as a computer, so I guess there's an up side to anything.

At any rate, the next week or so should be wonderful, with time to create and perform and enjoy another great Convergence.

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