Creativity in Austin

Here I am back in Austin, recording more of the jazz CD that I'm composing with Larry Seyer. When I was here last September, we worked on the first four songs. This week we are hoping to write the rest of the songs, and at least get rough mixes of everything. This is such a wonderful, creative, exciting project.

For each song, I write the melody and give Larry a general idea of the groove I want. We record my melody, then Larry starts to flesh it out. He uses Nuendo to do the recording, and he is lightning fast on it. He gets a bass line and a groove going, and the whole piece takes shape amazingly quickly. It's a collaborative effort as we bounce ideas off each other, and it's a lot of fun.

We got one song done (at least, rough mixed) yesterday, and are getting ready to start on the next one today. It is such a pleasure to work with Larry - he is a fantastic musician, very creative, and a really nice guy. And his expertise as an engineer and producer is top notch. I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity.

The music on this CD, by the way, is totally instrumental, and sort of fits into the smooth jazz category. All the music so far sounds really happy and upbeat - this will be a fun CD to listen to, and we are very pleased with how everything is coming along.

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