First day of semester at The College of St. Rose

Today I taught my voice students at The College of St. Rose in Albany, NY, beginning the fall semester. They are all juniors or seniors in the Music Industry Department, and they are a delight to teach. Each one of them has had two years of classical vocal training, so their technique is already good. Now, with me, they can concentrate on singing popular music, rock, blues or whatever, and they write their own songs.

As a matter of fact, the senior project involves writing, performing and recording a CD of their original songs. They have to submit a proposal to begin, score their music, master the CD and prepare the CD packaging as well. It's a lot of work, and my previous seniors have done a fabulous job. I am sure my current students will do as well.

And this year I am teaching all my students in a brand new recording studio in the totally renovated Center for Communication and Interactive Media. There's a beautiful nine foot grand piano in the studio, and we have access to the adjoining control room, so my students can work on their recording project in their lessons with me.

Here are photos of the studio where I teach.

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