Getting close !!

I am almost finished with the first draft of my book, "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician." It has been almost a year since I got the idea to write it, and I have set my goal of being finished by the end of July. I want to be ready to approach the publisher with a finished product at that point, even though I am sure I will have to do some rewriting and editing. I am on the last chapter, which is about staying open to your higher self. I have given talks based on the book at Divine Cosmos conferences for the last half year, and have gotten great feedback from people. That has helped inspire me to keep on writing and get this book finished. I do believe it will help some people to create more magical lives for themselves, and that is my reason for writing it. It feels good to be so close to finishing. It has taken a lot of self-discipline to get this done, but hopefully the result will be worth it all.

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