Going With The Flow

Today is Tuesday, two days after our London Convergence finished. I had been planning on doing some sight-seeing with my son David and his girlfriend today, my last day in London for this trip. But it was rainy, I was tired, and David wasn't ready to go until the afternoon. Earlier in the day I had been writing more of my book, "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician." (At each conference now, I give a one-hour talk on this subject, and I have been receiving wonderful feedback from the people who attend my talks. It has motivated me to finish writing the book as soon as possible. I have set a goal of finishing by the end of July.)

By the time David and his friend were ready to go, it was already late, and I was totally in the flow of writing my book. So it was a choice of a frantic trip into London to run through the Tate Museum before it closed, or staying in my room and continuing to write. I opted for the writing. David completely understood when I explained this to him. He has recently finished writing an enormous book, "The Source Field Investigations," which took him months and months to write. It will be released at the end of August, and contains a tremendous amount of research that took years of David's life to do.

This has been very satisfying, to spend the day writing and letting the creative juices flow. I finally stopped for a while and took a lovely walk after the rain had ceased. I found a little pathway that led me past a beautiful wheat field and took me to a little pub that several of us had visited yesterday, but we had gone a different way. The pub, called "The Five Bells," is right next to a very very old church that is picturesque in a very British way. After again walking around the grounds of the church and the adjoining cemetery, I stopped in at the pub to say hello and goodbye to the proprietor, who had been very kind to us the day before. Then I headed back to the hotel to write more, and to write this blog as well.

Sometimes it pays to be flexible and follow one's muse. Today has been one of those days.

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