London, here I come !

We have a Divine Cosmos Convergence in London this weekend, so I will be flying out tonight from Newark Airport. It will be an overnight flight, obviously, and I will arrive at the hotel tomorrow just in time to set up our rental gear. We can't use our own gear there, because the shipping would have cost us $9,000 - a bit over budget, to say the least. But even though I will be tired, I know that the conference will be wonderful, as always. And I'm looking forward to seeing our overseas friends, and making new friends too.

It's been a rough week and a half since I got back from the Denver Convergence. I completely lost my voice the day after the conference was over, and it turned into a sore throat and conjunctivitis in my left eye. I am just now beginning to feel normal - I had zero energy and actually had to go to the doctor last Saturday because I was so sick. I NEVER go to the doctor !! But thank goodness, I have most of my strength back now, in time for London.

I did have enough energy to schedule two new conferences for Divine Cosmos - one in Atlanta in August, which is already confirmed and up on the site, The other one will be in San Diego in October, but I don't have final confirmation on that yet, so it's not on the website.

The Murder Cafe show scheduled for yesterday got cancelled, and even though I love to act with the troupe, I was actually thankful. I needed the time to recuperate. So the next show we will do will be a private party in July, and we'll do Death Valley Beauty Pageant - always fun to play !!

TMI will be returning to the Rosendale Theater by popular demand for two shows in September. We are all very psyched about being able to present our monologues there again. For more information about all these goings-ons, see the performance page of my site.

One last thing - tomorrow, June 24, is the birthday of my dearest friend, Robert Adsit. He would be turning 68 years old. I miss him every day, and will be thinking of him with love, as I do every day. Rest in peace, Robert - I know you are with me, even though you are gone.

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