New Mexico after the conference

We had a truly exceptional conference in Tempe, and I have already booked us back there next November, for a conference starting on 11/11/11 - nice, right? The two speakers' material was mutually complementary - David Wilcock and William Henry both presented material that meshed together. It was very interesting. And my talk "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician" went over very well too.

The day after it was over, I went up to Sedona with Larry and his wife Karla, and we saw some beautiful things, including mountains of beautiful colored rock that took your breath away. The next day I came to New Mexico to visit a friend, and she and I have also seen some magnificent things - many many mountains shaped like pyramids, a "rock city" of huge rocks that were dropped together from a volcano a long time ago, amazing crystals from geodes called thundereggs, a museum that has huge collections of crystals, arrowheads, Native American pottery and lots of other fascinating things from this area.

I feel as if I have been flooded with wonderful things these last few days. It has been an invigorating trip, and it's not quite over. I am so thankful for these experiences, and for the opportunity to share them with others of like mind. And that includes all you who read this !!

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