Snow-bound meditations

I am sitting here at my computer on day two of being home-bound because of so much snow. There is a major winter storm raging across fully one-third of the country, knocking out power to thousands, leaving people stranded and affecting huge numbers of people. I feel fortunate because I still have electricity, food and warmth.

I have been following the events in Egypt as so many people are being hurt and killed, and I am sitting here safe and free. And in northeastern Australia right now, people are huddled in buildings as they hear and feel the roaring of the monster cyclone outside, ripping off roofs and tearing up the countryside.

I just finished reading an article in National Geographic about the plight of poor Afghan farmers trying to eke out a living growing poppies, because it is all they can do to feed their families, even though it is illegal.

And at a women's meeting a few nights ago, I heard several women recount stories of being sexually abused as children.

Sometimes I just don't know how to think about these and so many other awful things that are going on in the world. My heart goes out to people everywhere who are suffering from repression, from the violence of Nature, and from the violence in general that affects so many of us on this planet. I know that we are all one, and today all I can do is send out my love and compassion to those in need, everywhere, as I sit quietly in my home and meditate.

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