Wellspring of creativity

I just got back from watching an evening of improv by the acting class I was in for a couple years. They were terrific ! I have had to temporarily drop out of the class because of being so involved in acting with the dinner theater troupe. I wish I could clone myself, because I love working with the people in class, and I also love working with the dinner theater group that puts on shows like "A Wedding In Transylvania" and "A Christmas Carol."

As I watched my friends doing the improv tonight, I realized how much I learned from that class. It uncorked a stream of creativity in me that led to many other things - the movies I have been in, the other acting I am doing, the books I am writing, the music I'm writing with Larry Seyer, and a fresh perspective on the music that Emily and I create with the French art songs. When you follow a path with heart, you just can't predict the great things it can lead to. I am so thankful for it all.

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