Working in Austin

I flew to Austin Tuesday to work this week with Larry Seyer on Divine Cosmos projects. I had heard that Austin was getting a lot of rain, but my plane arrived just fine. However, Larry's area was all flooded, and there was no way he could get out of his neighborhood to come pick me up at the airport. I found out later that the creek had risen fifteen feet, more than anything previously recorded. So I stayed at a hotel near the airport Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, Larry still couldn't get out, so our friend Gary Powell came and took me to his house. Later in the day, the waters had receded enough that Gary drove me to a spot as near to Larry's house as we could get. We couldn't drive over the bridge because the water was still too deep, but Gary and I walked across the streaming water, carrying my luggage, and Larry met us on the other side. It was pretty crazy.

We got some work done last night - wrote a piece of music together, which was great fun. We were both pleased with the result. We also made a recording of me reading sections from several books, so I can see about getting some work reading audio books.

Finally today Larry and I were able to drive out of his neighborhood, and we bought a MIDI controlling keyboard to use at our conferences. Then the real work began - programming the keyboard to work with the computer, so that all the controls did what we wanted them to do. It took hours and hours, but we finally succeeded.

More work is ahead tomorrow, but with the MIDI programming done, the toughest part should be behind us. Success !

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