I'm Dreaming is Marta's beautiful, dreamy CD, released in 2005, with Marta singing and playing piano and synthesizer. It includes two original songs, "I'm Dreaming" and "We're Together," along with other songs and instrumentals that are among the most frequently requested when Marta performs as a singer/pianist. The concept of the CD is defined by the words of "I'm Dreaming," sung in English, French and Italian: "I'm dreaming my life; I'm living my dream."

The tracks on the CD are:
1 - I'm Dreaming
2 - What A Wonderful World
3 - La Vie En Rose
4 - To A Wild Rose (MacDowell)
5 - Over The Rainbow
6 - Rêverie (Debussy)
7 - Fly Me To The Moon
8 - We're Together
9 - Moondance
10 - Somewhere In Time
11 - Al Di Là
12 - Imagine
13 - I'm Dreaming - Reprise

You may purchase the CD for $10, which includes shipping within the U.S. Enjoy !!