French Speaker/Teacher

Marta is passionate about languages. She has spoken French since the age of 13, when her brother began to teach her. In college, with her major in classical vocal performance, she learned some Italian and German as well. In 2011 she decided to learn Mandarin and continues to study that beautiful language through an online course and weekly online classes with Rosetta Stone.

She loves to help other people of all ages improve their French with one-on-one tutoring and classes in her home. When Marta teaches children, she only speaks French to them and makes it fun with videos, food, games and everyday conversation. The younger the child, the more easily she or he picks up a new language, and it's fascinating to watch the learning process.

Marta works with adults who want to refresh their   and improve their ability, as well as beginners who just have an interest in learning French. She also tutors students who are taking French in school who want extra help in pronunciation, fluency and comprehension.

Every session is specifically tailored to the student's current level of ability and to each person's particular goals and desires. Marta provides a supportive environment to make every student feel safe to try speaking and comprehending the lovely French language.