Dream, Believe, Create 

In June 2012 Marta released her book "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Become a Life Magician." In it she shares her thoughts on how to welcome new and magical experiences into our lives. There is magic all around us - acorns becoming huge oak trees, the fleeting beauty of a rainbow, the very fact that we are alive on this tiny planet in a vast universe. 

Marta reminds us of the sheer wonder of our existence, the world around us, of birth and growth, and of the creative power of our thoughts. We can encourage more fulfilling and satisfying lives by becoming aware of the magic that is happening all around us, and by focusing with love on ideas and actions that help further our dreams. 

We can avoid self-limiting beliefs and instead set our sights on the mystical but real power of clear thinking and intuitive knowledge, with love as our main focus. Marta shares her experiences and ideas on how to accomplish this and live a life full of magical, joyous fulfillment. 

Marta published the book with help from wonderful friends and family, and developed a deck of 32 cards that go along with the book. The cards each have a short phrase from the book and can be used separately from it as daily reminders. She offers the book and cards on her Online Store on this website. 

Here's what some people have said about the book: 

"I'm especially excited to hear about your book signing at the Saugerties Public Library on March 17. As someone who already has a signed copy, I can attest that I am a life magician, thanks to your inspired words." - Nancy Steuer 

"Finally, I finished your book today and I must say that I have pulled one card every day since I received them. The place of your book from now on is going to be my bedside table. It is the ideal book for that spot to keep on reading from it on a regular basis." - Manuela Sherman 

Robert J. Adsit, Artist Extraordinaire 

Marta co-authored a book, The Art and Life of Robert J. Adsit, that was published in December 2016. It showcases the artwork and life of her dear friend Robert Adsit, 1943-1994. Robert was one of the most creative people she ever knew. As a pianist, Robert had the ability to hear a song one time, and then go to the piano and play it in its entirety. He helped Marta reconnect with her ability to play songs by ear, which she had as a little girl. As an artist, Robert had amazing, unlimited creativity. His artwork was displayed in New York City, where he lived, and in galleries in Texas. He also did graphic layout work for the Broadway show "Hair." 

Marta wrote the book with Robert's best friend, handwriting expert, author and lecturer Marc Seifer, PhD (, and with Robert's brother, Terrell Neuage, PhD in communications and new media (