Singer - Pianist

Marta has been singing and playing the piano all her life. She knew at age five that she wanted to be a musician when she grew up, and that passion has never left her. Now she  performs with Chris Wells and his Secret City Band at Secret City events in New York City and Woodstock, NY ( These events are a wonderful celebration of art in its many forms, a joyous acceptance of diversity and community. The band is known as the Silver Spaceship when we do dance parties and other events in the Hudson Valley.  

 Another avenue for Marta's talents is accompanying silent films on the piano. To prepare, she watches each film multiple times to get a sense of the timing of events as well as the emotional impact. Then at the performance, she improvises the music on the spot as she watches the film along with the audience. She used to accompany silent films for the Saratoga Film Festival, and now performs at the Rosendale Theater ( and other local venues.

As a classical singer, Marta worked with pianist Emily Upham (, concentrating on French art songs. Both Marta and Emily speak French, and the lovely music of the French "Mélodie" composers is a passion for both of them. They recorded some of these pieces at Bard College, and collaborated with Ian Turner ( to metamorphose these songs with synthesizers and beats. You can download a few of them for free on this site.

She worked for many years as a solo singer/pianist in high-end restaurants in New York State, Florida and Ireland. As a band member, Marta has had her own original rock band, and she has played in other bands as well, performing blues, rock, heavy metal, country, jazz and popular music. She continues to work with other musicians at every opportunity.