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Wise words to ponder 

There are many worlds to experience beyond socially accepted versions of reality. When a person is tapped into the multi-dimensional nature of our existence and our own creative power, miracles are ordinary, and the ordinary is a miracle... Many of us are shifting our beliefs to a new vision of a world where all beings live in harmonious connection with each other and the magic of communication with all life is the norm. Let it be so. 
Penelope Smith

The Tree That Called 

Every week I walk at the Ashokan Reservoir a couple miles from my house. One day as I was walking through a wooded area there, I felt drawn to a particular large tree. There was no one else on the trail, so I went to the tree and put my arms around it for a few minutes. It felt solid and strong, and I liked that. 

From then on, each time I passed the tree, if there was no one around, I hugged it for a short time. Somehow I just felt a connection to it. 

Then one time as I was hugging the tree, I began to…

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It's All About That French 

Spring is finally here, and it always seems to bring some welcome changes. The biggest change for me is my launching a Facebook page for teaching French ( I have spoken French since age 13 when my brother began teaching me, and I have continued to expand my knowledge of this beautiful language ever since.

I never considered teaching French until one of my piano students, who was taking it in high school, asked for some help. As we began to work together, I saw that his…Read more

Thoughts on the changing of seasons 

As I look out my window, I still see some amazing colors in the trees and bushes, but many other leaves have already found their way to the ground. The leafless tree trunks and branches allow a line of sight farther into the woods, giving a strong hint of the coming winter. There are fewer birds around, and the nights are much quieter without the ceaseless singing of crickets, cicadas and other creatures of the night.

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Exciting things happening ! 

It's another new year, full of new possibilities ! I am excited, as always, about all the opportunities that I, and all of us, have to be creative, joyful, successful and at peace.

In November I resumed playing for silent films at the Rosendale Theater. The films are shown the first Sunday of each month, November through April, at 2 pm. I'm looking forward to playing there for some Fatty Arbuckle short films on Feb. 2, just a couple weeks from now.

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Well, I guess it's about time that I wrote a blog. I have been distracted with so many other things that I have ignored my website for too long, and I was amazed when I realized that my last blog was from last November !! So many things have happened since then. There are the usual things such as gigs with the Four Aces in the past few months, quite a bit of film acting over the summer, back to college teaching at the end of August, a few Divine Cosmos conferences, etc.

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Silent Films on Sunday 

I am looking forward to playing the piano to accompany five short Charlie Chaplin films this Sunday afternoon. They will be shown in the Rosendale Theater, Rosendale NY at 2 pm. Several years ago I did the same thing for some Buster Keaton films at the Saratoga Film Festival in Saratoga NY, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been watching the films to get real familiar with them, and when the performance comes on Sunday, I will play and improvise as I watch along with the audience.

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Dream, Believe, Create is available !! 

Finally my book, "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician," is published. And there is a deck of 32 affirmation cards that go along with it, with a short saying from the book on each card. So far the feedback has been wonderful, and I am finding that people just love the cards. Some people tell me that they randomly pick a card from the deck each day, and the words on the card give them a focus for the day. That is exactly what I was hoping for.

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Dream, Believe, Create 

At long last I am getting ready to publish my book, Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician. First I tried to find a publisher, then looked into online self-publishing companies, and finally decided to publish it locally with the help of some sweet people. My wonderful daughter-in-love Jacinta Bunnell painted a beautiful cover for it, my helpful younger son Michael Wilcock designed the front cover with the title, and my talented friend Julie Novak is doing the layout and graphic design. She tells…Read more


I am feeling very thankful for the opportunities and the people in my life. The Divine Cosmos conferences just seem to be better every single time, and I get to meet wonderful people at them. Larry Seyer has mixed the meditation music that we do, and all three weekends' worth are now available on My juniors and seniors at the College of St. Rose are wonderful musicians who work very hard at their music, and they are a joy to teach. I have another dueling pianos gig with Rob Aronstein…

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