Dream, Believe, Create is available !!

Finally my book, "Dream, Believe, Create - How To Be A Life Magician," is published. And there is a deck of 32 affirmation cards that go along with it, with a short saying from the book on each card. So far the feedback has been wonderful, and I am finding that people just love the cards. Some people tell me that they randomly pick a card from the deck each day, and the words on the card give them a focus for the day. That is exactly what I was hoping for.

It took several people to help me bring this book into being - Ellen Scheel for editing the copy and helping choose the sayings for the cards, Jacinta Bunnell for her lovely painting that became the cover of the book and the back of each card, my son Michael Wilcock for doing the beautiful graphic design for the title on the cover, Julie Novak for doing the complicated layout of the book, and for all the above and so many others who gave me emotional support and encouragement.

The book and cards are being sold as a unit, and you can purchase them on this site by going to my online store. Thank you again to all of you who helped me believe that this book was needed and would be helpful to many people !!