Exciting things happening !

It's another new year, full of new possibilities ! I am excited, as always, about all the opportunities that I, and all of us, have to be creative, joyful, successful and at peace.

In November I resumed playing for silent films at the Rosendale Theater. The films are shown the first Sunday of each month, November through April, at 2 pm. I'm looking forward to playing there for some Fatty Arbuckle short films on Feb. 2, just a couple weeks from now.

Also on Monday, February 17, I will accompany "Sherlock Jr.," starring the inimitable Buster Keaton, at the Saugerties Public Library at 6 pm. Complete information for all my performances can be found under the Performances tab on this site.

In December I placed my book, Dream, Believe, Create, in two local stores - Family Traditions in Stone Ridge and the new pharmacy, Wellness RX, in High Falls.
I love both these stores - they are owned by people who have big hearts and are attuned to creating spaces that are environmentally, physically and spiritually conscious.

I will also do a book signing on Monday, March 17 at 6 pm at the Saugerties Public Library. I'm looking forward to it. This book is very simple and to the point about how to create a happy, satisfying life. So many people who have read it have told me how helpful it has been to them, for which I am very thankful.