Thoughts on the changing of seasons

As I look out my window, I still see some amazing colors in the trees and bushes, but many other leaves have already found their way to the ground. The leafless tree trunks and branches allow a line of sight farther into the woods, giving a strong hint of the coming winter. There are fewer birds around, and the nights are much quieter without the ceaseless singing of crickets, cicadas and other creatures of the night.

The earth is gently preparing herself for a time of rest, a time to settle down for a long winter's nap. As for me, much as I love summer and the heat and humidity, I feel a stirring in myself, an urge to move my attention from the outside to the inside of my house, and from the outside of my perceptions to my inner thoughts. In spite of the busyness of my days, I look farther within myself to check on my own authenticity and creativity.

There is always the tendency to see the others around me, to compare myself to those I admire, and to find myself lacking. When I don't look at the beautiful lives of other people around me, I can see farther into myself. Who am I really ? Do I love enough ? Do I create enough ? Am I truly authentic ? Am I honestly caring of others or am I more selfish than I want to think ? Do I judge other people by a false mirror of what I think is right ? Am I accomplishing what I am here to do ?

Thoughts are things. We create our own world with the way that we think. In meditation, a person is supposed to stop thinking and just be, just connect with that ethereal essence that existed before us and will continue after we are gone. I want to let my thoughts meld with that essence. I want to accept all people as they are, and that includes me. I want to grow in my love of this precious earth and all its living beings. I want to continue to expand my awareness, to create joyfully, to live fully and to share my peace with others. These are my wishes for all the changing seasons of my life.

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