It's All About That French

Spring is finally here, and it always seems to bring some welcome changes. The biggest change for me is my launching a Facebook page for teaching French ( I have spoken French since age 13 when my brother began teaching me, and I have continued to expand my knowledge of this beautiful language ever since.

I never considered teaching French until one of my piano students, who was taking it in high school, asked for some help. As we began to work together, I saw that his ability to speak and comprehend what he was supposedly learning was very limited. He made great progress in the short amount of time that we could spend each week at the end of his piano lessons.

I began to run a tiny ad for French lessons in the Blue Stone Press, a local weekly newspaper. Little by little, people responded, and I now teach several students. Two of them are little boys ages 5 and 7 who come with their mother. I speak only French to the boys, and we do fun things together, watching French children's videos, reading books, having snacks, playing with toys - but all in French. These boys did not know any French before starting lessons with me, but they (and their mother) are learning and making nice progress.

I teach some adult students as well. One woman does business occasionally in France, and she wants to improve her ability to communicate effectively. Three other women are taking a class together. All of them know a certain amount of French but want to increase their fluency, comprehension and ability to use the language correctly.

I love to dream up lesson plans for each student or class, because I don't teach the same way to everyone. I tailor the lessons to the ability and desires of each student, so every lesson is different and is a creative exercise for me. It's really fun to follow my passion for French and to share it with other people.


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