I am feeling very thankful for the opportunities and the people in my life. The Divine Cosmos conferences just seem to be better every single time, and I get to meet wonderful people at them. Larry Seyer has mixed the meditation music that we do, and all three weekends' worth are now available on My juniors and seniors at the College of St. Rose are wonderful musicians who work very hard at their music, and they are a joy to teach. I have another dueling pianos gig with Rob Aronstein coming up, and that will be fun. Jacinta Bunnell has painted a beautiful cover for my book "Dream, Believe, Create," and the next step will be getting a graphic designer involved. I have a wonderful family and great friends whom I love dearly.

It is always helpful to remind myself of the good things that are around me. It helps me to dream, to believe in my dreams, and to create a satisfying life.