Our dress rehearsal

On Friday we had our dress rehearsal for "A Wedding In Transylvania" at a lovely place in Saugerties - the community center in a residential area for seniors. It was awesome to finally present our show to an audience, and they just loved it !! Even though we had all been fitted for our costumes before, none of us had been fully costumed until Friday, and the effect was amazing. My costume and makeup takes the longest because it is the most outrageous, but it is so much fun.

The show is interactive, so the audience is part of it all. There is no "fourth wall," as you usually have when you are presenting a show on stage, so we get to engage the audience in our actions and dialogue. Then before our last scene, we have the people fill out whodunit sheets, trying to guess who the murderer is. Our last scene reveals the murderer, so the mystery is solved. Only one person had figured  it out, and she won a nice prize. We also gave a prize for the best actor in the audience, and it turned out that he had done a lot of acting in his earlier years.

All in all, everyone had a great time. I love acting so much, and am so pleased to have this opportunity. Our first real show is this coming Friday at the Rosendale Rec Center. I can't wait !!!!

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