Rehearsals for great shows

We are in the thick of rehearsing for the new Murder Cafe play, "Death Valley Beauty Pageant," the most hilarious show yet that we have done. I play the part of Patsy Rockburn, long-time co-host of this nutty beauty contest, and just today I finally found her voice. It is such a funny voice that when I started using it in rehearsal today, all of us kept cracking up.

Sharon and Dana Dixon (they are sisters for real!) play the two beauty contestants, Nina and Lola, who are constantly fighting over who will get the crown. Ryan Hunlock plays Bootsie, the crazed make-up director, Eric Henn plays Jaden Hipp, a D-list celebrity wannabe, and our director Frank Marquette plays Artie, my co-host, and later plays Tracy Dickman, the detective who tries to figure out who murdered Artie.

Words fail me to describe the wackiness of this show. There is a point where Nina and Lola fight each other by fencing (yes, fencing!) with curling irons while Bootsie looks on eating popcorn. Lola, Nina and I all sing versions of "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets." If you can possibly come to see this show, you will be totally entertained, I promise you. Check my Performance Page for details.

I am also in the middle of rehearsals for an entirely different production, T.M.I. (Too Much Information). This is a group of women who share their stories onstage - true stories which cover lots of subjects that so many of us have had to deal with. Some stories are funny, some piercing, some heartbreaking, but all are completely engaging.

We will offer our first performances May 6 and 7at the Shadowland Theater in Ellenville. I saw this show last year and immediately contacted Eva Tenuto, the director, asking to be in it this year. All of the stories are new this year, so even if you saw it last year, you will definitely want to come out for a whole new production.

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